The Yorkshire-based club have played the first two games of their first Premier League campaign in 16 years without the presence of fans in the stadium.


While there have been plans to allow a limited number of supporters into stadiums, it remains to be seen when the grounds will allow full capacity, with restrictions still in place.



Former Leeds man Beckford has admitted that the team missed the Elland Road atmosphere as they beat Fulham 4-3 at home on Saturday.


However, the former White is of the view that the presence of the fans could be still felt inside the stadium and has also insisted that the Leeds faithful have a big treat in store when they return.



Yes, absolutely [the Elland Road atmosphere is missing] but we all know and the players will know that the fans are right here beside them, fighting every fight with them, going to every tackle together“, Beckford said on LUTV.


Even though the fans are not here, we can still hear them and we know they are beside us.



So, it is a matter of time before everybody is able to come back into this amazing arena and when they do, they are going to be in for a massive, massive treat.


Leeds will be hopeful that the fans can return to the stadium as soon as possible, as they enjoy their first top flight campaign in 16 years.