The Scottish manager has expressed his desire to see Glasgow giants Celtic and Rangers in the Premier League in the past and still holds on to the wish.


Moyes is aware that adding the Hoops and the Gers to the top flight is a big ask, but feels the Scottish duo are underestimated in what they could bring to the table.



The former Celtic player is of the view that having the Bhoys and Rangers would benefit the Premier League, with the Scottish giants boasting huge fan bases.


Moyes went on to express his discontent at how Celtic and Rangers have not been added to the Premier League despite some wanting in to happen for years, but a plan for a European Super League involving some of England’s big guns has been drawn up.



I think that’s something that’s a big consideration“, Moyes told a press conference.


But as someone who comes from Scotland, I think both Celtic and Rangers are completely underestimated in what they would bring to a league.



I think having them and their level of support would be good for the Premier League. That’s my opinion.


Yes, it would affect Scottish football, just like the effect would come if some so-called bigger clubs went into a European league.


We wouldn’t necessarily like that.


I’ve been hoping for 40 or 50 years that Rangers and Celtic might get into the Premier League.


So, why suddenly can we change the dynamics of the set-up of the English leagues and go to a European League.


Surely it couldn’t be done that quickly.


Despite Celtic and Rangers being consistently linked with joining the Premier League, no such move for the Scottish giants yet appears to be on the horizon.