Solskjaer was under pressure following a poor start to the season for Manchester United and there were suggestions that he could have been sacked.


Manchester United have maintained that they have never considered parting ways with the Norwegian but the heat was on in November following a timid defeat to Arsenal that saw Manchester United in 15th in the league table.



The Premier League giants are now top of the league, three points clear of Liverpool, and things are looking rosier for Manchester United and Solskjaer.


The Norwegian stressed that he never pressed the panic button and continued to put his faith on the kind of work he has been doing with a view to the long term health of the club.



He insisted that despite some poor results, he has always been in control of the process at Manchester United.


Asked about the dark clouds in November, Solskjaer told Norwegian outlet Dagbladet TV: “We didn’t press any panic buttons.



“We have had one focus all along that this is a long term project.


“We are thinking about the club’s best interests and what we will look like in a little while.


“We had had faith with what we are working with.


“We know what we want to look like.


“Then we also know that in individual matches we cannot always control the outcome, but you have to control the process and I think we do.”


Not many expected Manchester United to be top of the league table ahead of their visit to Liverpool on Sunday.