Having previously been on the books at Tottenham Hotspur and Sunderland, Defoe has been part of number of football’s fiercest rivalries.


Although playing in the likes of the north London derby and the Tyne-Wear derby has given Defoe unforgettable memories,  the competitive spirit between Rangers and arch rivals Celtic is a level above other rivalries, according to the veteran hitman.



Defoe revealed the Old Firm is the number one derby he has been part of so far in his footballing career, adding that at least watching the game from the stands was jotted down on his bucket list long before he arrived at Ibrox.


Having faced Celtic multiple times since putting on a Rangers shirt, Defoe stressed actually being on the field as a player is really special.



Asked how he rates the Old Firm when compared to all the other derbies he has been part of, Defoe told Rangers TV:”I would say that it is number one.


“When I spoke to Graeme Souness, even before I came here and he said it is the best game in the world and I was like ‘oh really though?’



“I will have to experience that one day thinking, that I will have to actually go and watch it but to actually experience it as a player, it is something special, it is a special game.


“My mum came up for the first one actually and after the game, we got back to the house and she was like wow.


“My mum has been to like Arsenal-Tottenham, Sunderland-Newcastle, she has been to all the games and she was like wow, that is special.”


The Gers came out on top both times they locked horn with Celtic earlier in the top flight this season, registering 2-0 and 1-0 wins, respectively, and the next derby is pencilled in for 21st March.