Kane stayed at Tottenham after spending all summer trying to engineer a move to Manchester City.


The 28-year-old forward has looked out of sorts in the Premier League and his performance against Chelsea at the weekend attracted criticism as he looked some way away from his peak form.



Agbonlahor conceded that he feels a bit sorry for him as he believes Kane is feeling trapped at Tottenham after desperately wanting to leave the north London club in the summer.


He believes Kane’s body language is all wrong at the moment and feels he might try to again leave in the winter transfer window, for which he would have to kick up a fuss.



The former striker said on talkSPORT: “I sort of can’t help but feel sorry for him.


“I am looking at him and he looks like when you are in a bad relationship and you want to get out but you are trapped.



“Harry Kane looks like that.


“He wants to get out of Spurs but he looks trapped, he just looks upset and his body language in the second half like, ‘got to play with these again, look at the goals they conceded’.


“It would not surprise me if he just needs to kick up a fuss now to get out in January because the value he will be at the end of the season is going to go down.”


Agbonlahor stressed that Kane looks happier when he is playing for England and feels Tottenham should take him out of the team as the striker just does not seem to be trying for Spurs.


“He needs to get out as soon as possible.


“When he is away with England he looks happy, he is smiling, he got the energy to run around and chase defenders.


“He just looks upset.


“If you are a stronger manager you would think he doesn’t look happy, he is not playing for the team, he is not trying his hardest and so get him out.”