Newcastle’s takeover is set to be completed more than a year after Mike Ashley originally agreed to sell the club to a consortium backed by the Saudi Public Investment Fund.


An announcement of the change of guard is set to take place today and there is already anticipation of the club spending big money in the coming transfer windows backed by the funds from the Saudis.



Jordan says that he understands why Newcastle fans are happy, but he admitted that he is worried as the club are only likely to further inflate the market by driving up transfer fees and wages.


He stressed that Newcastle are not a club where the best players would want to go initially and therefore, the club will have to pay more in terms of transfer fees and wages and that would further skew the market for every other club.



The former Palace owner said on talkSPORT: “Some people could say it is quite a bad day for football and Newcastle fans would say it is a great day.


“And for Newcastle, it is a great day, the same way it was a great day for Manchester City, Chelsea and PSG.



“The reason why I say it is not a great day for football is that it brings in a new situation where hyperinflation will come to pass because Newcastle will come in with owners who have £320 billion.


“This represents a situation where the ecosystem of the game becomes challenged again because you are going to drive up the prices because Newcastle is not a natural destination for the world’s best footballers.


“I am not talking about geography, but when you have the perception in footballer’s mind where they are going to land then it’s Chelsea in London or Manchester United or Manchester City and now, Newcastle.


“What you are going to find is an element of hyperinflation and to get the best players to Newcastle they will have to pay a premium to start with.


“That will drive up the prices across the Premier League and drive up the wages as they will have to pay more in wages to come to Newcastle whilst they realise Newcastle are building to a powerhouse.


“When you start buying [Kylian] Mbappe or whoever they are going to buy, you will drive up the price because wages will go up.


“And that’s the worry I have.”


Newcastle are already looking to bring in a new sporting director and Steve Bruce’s future as their manager is also under the scanner.