A win for Manchester City on Sunday against Aston Villa will win them their fourth Premier League title in five years no matter what Liverpool do against Wolves at Anfield.


There is talk of Gerrard wanting to stop Manchester City and help his former side Liverpool win the Premier League in a story of redemption for the former midfielder, who failed to win the league title in his playing career.



However, Carragher stressed that Gerrard will not be on the pitch at the Etihad on Sunday and none of his Aston Villa players are as good as he was during his playing days.


He feels the motivation for Gerrard to stop Manchester City would be more about wanting to do it for himself and his team than helping Liverpool win the Premier League.



Carragher wrote in his column for the Daily Telegraph: “Romantics are having a field day this week, seeing Kop legend Steven Gerrard as City’s last obstacle and wondering ‘is it meant to be?’ for Liverpool.


“There is a major flaw with that view.



“Gerrard is not playing.


“Villa’s players must secure a result and sadly for Klopp none of them are as good as their manager was.


“Gerrard will be determined to win for himself and Villa more than Liverpool.


“He knows he will be the target of the home fans’ stick and celebrations as a visible symbol of the title rival.


“That will be motivation enough.”


Manchester City could have more or less won the title had they beaten West Ham on Sunday.


However, the reigning champions have not dropped points in two consecutive Premier League games all season.