FSG has put Liverpool up for sale as they look to sell a club they paid £300m to buy in 2010.


The Americans are willing to consider a partial sale of Liverpool, but would rather a full sale and the Reds are attracting significant interest.



A group of investors from Germany are making the early running and are now some way down the road towards putting in an official offer for Liverpool.


An unnamed American consortium is also keen and has registered its interest, while there is also the possibility of a joint Saudi Arabia-Qatar consortium, composed of private investors, buying the Reds.



It is suggested that Liverpool could be sold for a figure of £3.2 billion


The jury is out on how long the process will take, but FSG is keen to hear from as many interested parties as possible as they look to maximise the sale price.



Reds fans are also unsure how much backing FSG would be prepared to provide in the January transfer window amidst a potential sale of the club.