Dyche started off his managerial reign at Everton with a showpiece win over league leaders Arsenal at Goodison Park last weekend.


Everton are still in the bottom three, but there is real hope that the 51-year-old will wrestle them out of the relegation zone and to safety by the end of the season.



Nevin stressed that Dyche has gone in and just simplified the way Everton play football by inspiring the players to adopt a more physical style and work extremely hard to get the required results.


He pointed to the amount of crosses Everton put in against Arsenal and how physical they were and admitted that sometimes it is good to just get rid of the intricacies and play simplified football to get out of a quagmire.



Nevin said on Off the Ball: “You watched that and he has basically simplified everything, unbelievably simplified.


“There was a lot of physicality, he has got them whipped up and interestingly one of the quotes he said that some of the players felt that they left Frank down.



“It would have been better to show it in a different way but getting those players to put all the energy in.


“The amount of cross balls they got in, the amount of physicality in attacking the ball and, see all the intricate stuff? Dump it if you have to.


“It hurts me to say it but sometimes that’s what is needed, the dogs of wars stuff.”


Everton have another big game next Monday night when they will take on an out-of-form Liverpool side in the Merseyside derby at Anfield.