Kane has a year left on his contract and Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag is claimed to be keen to take him to Old Trafford this summer.


However, the Premier League giants are working under the assumption that Spurs will not sell the forward in the next transfer window.



There are suggestions that Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy does not want to envisage selling Kane and is prepared to watch him run down his contract.


However, Saunders insisted that Levy has lost control of the situation due to Kane’s contract running out soon.



He stressed that it would not be a shock that if Kane is forced to continue at Spurs for one more season, his level might drop off.


Saunders said on talkSPORT: “Daniel Levy is out of the equation.



“It’s your own fault, you have let his contract go down to 12 months and you can’t dictate where he leaves.


“You can make him stay at the club for 12 months and Harry is going to go, ‘if you make me stay at this club for another 12 months, I am not saying I won’t try but don’t be surprised if I am not the Harry Kane you know’.”


Despite Tottenham finishing eighth in the Premier League table, Kane has still managed to score 30 league goals this season.