Postecoglou has garnered accolades for his on-field style which is widely dubbed ‘Ange ball’.


Nevin admits that in Scotland there was some surprise, due to Postecoglou’s spell at Celtic, that he was not more widely appreciated when he took the Tottenham job.




The former winger also feels that the Tottenham manager’s methods are ones which good players can get behind, citing the form of midfielder Yves Bissouma, who got on board with the Australian.


There are a lot of clubs who needed Ange Postecoglou”, Nevin said on the BBC’s Football Daily while discussing Postecoglou’s influence at Spurs.



We were surprised, in Scotland we were very surprised that it took some time for it to be realised how impressive he actually is.


It might not work completely for the rest of the season, however, you will enjoy watching it for the rest of the season.



I will tell you lots of reasons why it worked.


“There are a lot of teams who play on the front foot but not like Ange-Ball. This is a different game, this is staggering to watch, it is stunning, it is exciting and it is always front-foot.


“It’s the simplest thing in the world, it does not matter who you are. See if you do not do it the way he wants you to do it you are out, full stop.


He does not care about personalities. You look at the way he has got Bissouma on and suddenly he became an amazing player for him.


It doesn’t matter your age, it doesn’t matter your name, it doesn’t matter anything about you.


If you want to do it my way, if you want to keep working at it you are in the team and I don’t care who your name is and what your history is.


Do you know what? Good footballers relate to that and react well to that.


Spurs are set to take on arch-rivals Arsenal on Sunday and it remains to be seen whether Mikel Arteta’s side will be humbled by the Australian manager’s tactics.