Liverpool played out a game full of controversy at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and ultimately lost 2-1, having held out into the final minute of injury time despite having just nine men.


One of the bones of contention came after Diaz saw a first half goal ruled out for offside, despite it appearing to look onside.




Keys, looking at the match for beIN SPORTS, insists that he can prove the goal should have stood and wants to know why VAR did not allow the goal.


He is clear that if PGMOL were following protocol then they should have put lines on the image.



Keys said: “We await a statement from the Premier League on this.


“They haven’t answered the phone all afternoon; we have been calling and calling, consistently to say, not was it on or off, I think we can prove it’s on, what we wanted to know was why didn’t they look at it?



“Why didn’t the PGMOL, the bunker, put lines on this today as they should have done if protocol was being followed and they would have seen what we saw.”


Liverpool end the Premier League weekend sitting in fourth spot in the league standings and just two points off league leaders Manchester City.