Ahead of Liverpool’s Champions League group stage match against Atalanta, Klopp went on record comparing the Italian outfit to Leeds, believing the two have a similar style of play.


Leeds have been lauded for their attacking style of play since returning to the Premier League and European recruitment head Ruiz admits that Atalanta play in a similar way.



“I agree with Klopp, from a footballing point of view there are similarities”, Ruiz told Italian outlet Tutto Mercato.


“I’m talking about attacking football, about two teams that always attack both at home and away, against both the big and the smaller teams.”



According to Ruiz, both Leeds and Atalanta play high-paced vertical football, which means that they move the ball up the pitch quickly and press their opponents, while leaving not too many bodies back in defence.


“Both have high pacing, quick transitions, and vertical playing styles.


“Sometimes perhaps a bit hectic, but certainly attractive for the fans and the players.”


Leeds met the Reds in their first league match of the season and gave the defending champions a run for their money, ultimately going down 4-3.



Liverpool on the other hand crushed Atalanta in the Champions League, beating the Serie A outfit 5-0 in Italy.