Inside Futbol (IF): Gheorghe, you played for Tottenham for one season, in 1994/95, what memories do you have?


Gheorghe Popescu (GP): It was a good experience. The Premier League is a different championship from the others; it is fascinating.


I left London after a year, because Barcelona called me, only for these [I would have left].



IF: Tottenham are playing Arsenal on Sunday, do you remember your goal in the north London derby?


GP: I was cold in this game. The team had not won for four years, it was a great joy for me. Sunday will be a different match for both teams. I hope that Spurs win.



IF: With Mourinho as their manager, can Spurs win the Premier League?


GP: I have known Jose for many years, we worked together at Barcelona. Mourinho won with teams such as Porto, Inter; he can also repeat this with Tottenham.



IF: In England there are great coaches, like Jurgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola, Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti, young Frank Lampard. Who do you rate as the best?


GP: It is difficult to choose. I said about Jose, and I played with Pep at Barcelona. I am very fond of them. They are very good.