The former Spurs skipper currently assists Mourinho at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, having initially linked up with the coaching staff on a temporary basis in early 2020.


King has been picking the brains of the vastly experienced Mourinho since he started started assisting him and the ex-defender has made great strides forward in terms of being a coach, according to the Spurs boss.



Mourinho revealed that he is delighted with how King is developing as a coach, making the most out of the opportunity that has been presented to him by his former club.


The 58-year-old went on to stress that it is still the beginning for King in terms of management but added that his drive to learn and hardworking mentality will stand him in good stead going forward.



“It is the beginning for him”, Mourinho told a press conference.


“When he stopped playing football his career went in another direction, it didn’t go to the coaching side, it went in different areas so he was not developing as a coach.



“It was the beginning; he never had that chance.


“I am happy with the man, and I am happy with the coach and I couldn’t be more happy with the opportunity we gave him, he just loves it, he wants to learn, he feels he wants to develop, I am very happy with Ledley and all my other assistants like to work with him because he is such a nice guy.”


King also works with the up-and-coming talents at Tottenham’s academy, providing them with guidance as they seek to break through to the first team.