Sule is a key part of the Bayern Munich squad and played a major role in the club winning the Champions League last season.


The defender is happy at Bayern Munich, but his contract will enter its final year in the summer and Chelsea are interested in taking him to England as part of their plans to invest in a centre-back.



Rummenigge admitted that the club’s philosophy should suggest that Bayern Munich will want to extend his contract and keep the defender at the club.


But he conceded that the German champions’ finances have taken a major hit due to the current global situation and they will want to wait until the summer before holding talks over a new deal with Sule.



He stressed that certain conditions have to be met for Bayern Munich to agree on a new contract with the player.


“Basically, he is a German national player and the philosophy of our club is that we want the good German national players at FC Bayern”, Rummenigge said on Aktuellen Sportstudio.



“He will have one more year left on his contract in the summer and then discussions will be held and then you will see the result it will lead to.


“We’ll look at the whole thing seriously and calmly until the summer and then we will have to make decisions.


“FC Bayern no longer have the resources available.


“The virus has caused immense financial damage to the club.


“If we find a solution, we are generally happy to extend the contract, but that will only be possible in certain conditions.”


Chelsea are likely to keep a close eye on the discussions over a new deal between Sule and Bayern Munich in the coming months, but the defender is not their top target.