Tottenham’s dreadful run of form has seen them languishing in ninth in the league table, some way away from their ambition of being in the top four this season.


They have collected just 12 points from their last 12 league games and there are suggestions that Spurs are already considering sacking him at the end of the season.



But Mourinho stressed that he is not at all feeling any negativity behind the scenes at Tottenham and insisted that the club still support and respect him.


He said in a press conference: “I never felt what normally coaches felt when the results are bad, they are lonely men. That’s what we normally are.



“I never felt that in this building. I feel not only respected but supported. Everybody in the same boat.”


There are also suggestions that there is growing negativity amongst some Spurs players, who are feeling frustrated at Mourinho’s methods.



But the Spurs head coach claimed that he does not feel the same way and his players are enjoying working on the training pitch.


“Nobody is happy but nobody is depressed. I feel positive.


“Maybe a bit weird for you after losing so many matches but I’m positive.


“I’m not happy but I wake up wanting to come here.


“Everybody is loving training and working hard with so many matches.”