Like thousands of players across the globe, Bamford also has a set of activities that he likes to do before going out to play and the striker has now lifted the lid on them.


The Leeds striker insisted that he does not consider his pre-game activities to be superstitions, but admitted that he tends to panic if he fails to do them.



Bamford explained that he always puts on his left boot before his right and went on to reveal that he sprays his shirt with aftershave before going out on to the pitch.


The Leeds talisman conceded that some people find it weird that he sprays aftershave on his shirt, but also revealed that he does not do it when he changes his shirt midway through a game.



Not superstitions as such, but if I don’t do them I’ll start freaking out and think ‘Oh crap, I haven’t done this, I haven’t done that“, Bamford said on the Official Leeds United Podcast.


For some reason, I always just tend to put my left boot on first, it is the same with trainers, left boot then right boot.



One thing I do do, which some people think is a little bit weird, is I spray my shirt with aftershave before I go out.


I don’t know why, that actually might be a superstition, but I don’t do it for like, I change shirts at half-time and don’t do it in the second half.


Bamford also revealed that his Leeds team-mate Stuart Dallas sprays aftershave on his shirt before games as well.


To be fair, Stewie Dallas actually does the same, he sprays a little bit on his shirt“, the striker added.


No, [he doesn’t use mine, he uses] his own.


Bamford has been a key player for Leeds since he joined them in the summer of 2018, helping them to promotion and scoring 13 goals from 25 appearances in their top flight campaign so far.