Henderson seems to have surpassed De Gea in the Manchester United goal over the last few weeks and is now being considered the first-choice goalkeeper at Old Trafford.


De Gea has not found his way back into the team following returning from a club-sanctioned break, but it has been claimed that Solskjaer wanted to elevate Henderson earlier in the season.



There are claims that twice the Spaniard was told that the 24-year-old would start ahead of him in key games earlier in the campaign, but the Manchester United manager backtracked after the senior goalkeeper expressed his unhappiness.


Hislop stressed that if these claims are true then Solskjaer has shown a lack of leadership that should concern Manchester United.



He believes the manager should have complete control and conviction over his decisions and it could plant a seed of doubt amongst the other players inside the dressing room over the Norwegian’s authority.


The former goalkeeper said on ESPN FC: “You are looking at your manager for leadership, to be strong, to be the one who lords over that dressing room.



“You leave a player out and he kicks up enough of a stink that he gets back in? And this doesn’t happen once but twice?


“If I was anybody sitting in that dressing room, I am questioning Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s authority.


“It doesn’t reflect well on what certainly I would expect in terms of a manager, in terms of a leader and I don’t think inside a dressing room as talented as that one how you somehow see this as business as normal?”


There are now suggestions that Manchester United are looking to move De Gea on in the summer and persist with Henderson as their number one.