The Yorkshire-based club returned to the Premier League following a 16-year absence this season and have made a strong impression so far, sitting eleventh in the table.


Leeds have earned praise from many football fans for their intense style of play but Bielsa has also been subject to criticism for refusing to change his style according to the opponents they face, especially the bigger clubs.



Explaining why he has not changed his playing style, the Argentine tactician revealed that he prefers to improve parts of his team’s game rather than starting a whole different process by trying to implement a new style.


Bielsa admitted that there are managers who get their teams to play in different ways at the same time, but went on to explain that he prefers Leeds to stick to the same style they have been used to for the last three years.



For three years we have been trying to play in one way“, Bielsa told a press conference.


When you are trying to play in a certain way there are always things to correct.



If you change the way you play then you start another process.


I always think you have to improve the way you play rather than change your style, but either way, there are managers who get their teams to play in different manners at different times.


What I would like is to play in the same way every time.


Despite the criticism that comes his way, Bielsa has managed to get Leeds from mid-table in the Championship to mid-table in the Premier League and will be hopeful of taking the club to greater heights.