The 21-year old left Liverpool last summer to join the Blades, having found it difficult to break into Jurgen Klopp’s senior team.


However, Brewster has struggled to nail down a starting role at Bramall Lane, with just nine Premier League starts to his name and is yet to open his account for the Yorkshire side who are league bottom at the moment and are on course to be relegated.



Liverpool legend Barnes has insisted Brewster had to leave Anfield for Sheffield United as no other big top flight clubs were going to sign him, while the Blades, who finished ninth in the 2019/20 season, were a great option for him.


Barnes admitted the move has not worked out for Brewster, but stressed it was a was a gamble well worth taking with the young striker being at a crossroads in his career back in October.



“With Rhian Brewster, he had a chance to go to a Premier League team [Sheffield United]”, Barnes told Bonus Code Bets.


“Of course, they look as though they’ll go down [to the Championship], but at the time they were a top ten Premier League team.



“For Rhian Brewster to go to a top ten team and play regularly was a good move for him.


“Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out, but at the time, people thought it was a good move, so you never really know [if it is going to work out].


“To give him a chance to go to the Premier League, you can’t turn that down.


“A big Premier League club was not going to go for Rhian Brewster, so it was a gamble well worth taking to still be in the Premier League.


“Hindsight is a wonderful thing.”


With seven games left in the top flight, Brewster will be determined to make the best of any opportunity he gets to play and possibly finish the season on a strong note.


Liverpool still boast a buy-back clause on Brewster.