Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur are claimed to have signed up to a European Super League which would represent a closed shop.


None of the clubs would need to qualify for the European Super League and they would be guaranteed large sums of money.



The breakaway league has been roundly criticised and former Manchester United star Neville quickly blasted the plans, insisting he is disgusted.


Neville also insisted that if the six clubs go ahead with the plans then they should be fined and have points deducted, as well as their honours stripped from them.



And Leeds supremo Radrizzani has backed Neville, writing on Twitter: “Well said Gary.”


Leeds are not one of the six clubs planning to break away and it is unclear how the Whites would be able to qualify for the European Super League.



It has also been suggested that clubs who do qualify would not be able to earn as much money from the competition, regardless of how far they go in it, than the founder members.