Six Premier League clubs, including the Gunners and Spurs, are founding members of the European Super League, a breakaway league that includes top clubs from Spain and Italy.


As founding members of the continental league, Arsenal and Tottenham would play in it every season, along with fellow English top flight clubs Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool, with bigger revenue streams directed their way, a decision that has seen wide backlash from the football fraternity. 



Newcastle United legend Shearer has slammed all the clubs involved in the proposed competition, stressing that it is motivated by greed and is disrespectful to the fans, history of football and the sport as a whole.


Shearer insists Arsenal and Spurs are hardly elite clubs at the moment, with the duo not even in the top six in the Premier League, while they are championing an effort to form a league that is made of the so-called elite of European football.



“I’m shocked, surprised, disgusted really, by this announcement from the so-called elite of European football”, Shearer wrote in his Coral column.


“Tottenham and Arsenal, two of the six English clubs involved, currently sit in seventh and ninth in the Premier League, hardly the positions you’d expect from elite clubs.



“Sadly, I don’t believe this is anything more than these clubs attempting to line their pockets even more.


“It’s disrespectful to the sport, to the history of the game, and more importantly it’s disrespectful to the fans.


“If they listen to the fans now, which I doubt very much they will, the reaction to this news will tell the club owners that this is not what the fans want, and I mean the fans of the clubs involved, not just of those clubs who aren’t part of this.”


Arsenal and Spurs have 12 and ten league losses to their names, respectively, so far this season and as things stands are set out to miss out on European football.