Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur have all agreed to join a breakaway European Super League.


The new competition would guarantee the clubs of their places in it regardless of how they do domestically; the six want to continue to play in the Premier League and use the new league to replace their participation in the Champions League and, in the case of Arsenal and Tottenham, the Europa League.



Other Premier League sides are examining the plans and Newcastle have indicated that they would be completely opposed to the breakaway league.


While the breakaway rebel league would look to allow five sides from outside the chosen group to qualify for the competition, it is not clear how they would do so.



As such it remains to be seen whether Newcastle would have any potential route into the rebel league.


On the pitch the Magpies are fighting off the threat of relegation from the Premier League and look set for another season in the top flight.



The club’s owner Mike Ashley has been looking to sell Newcastle for the right price.