European football has been plunged into a crisis this week after six Premier League clubs in Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham joined hands with Inter, AC Milan, Juventus, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid to form a breakaway Super League.


All 12 clubs have resigned from the European Club Association and their representatives have resigned from various UEFA committees.



UEFA have been scathing in their criticism of the ‘dirty dozen’ and there is expected to be an emergency Premier League meeting soon to decide the next course of action.


Shearer feels it is time the Premier League takes a tough stand and immediately ban the six English clubs from the competition.



He conceded that the legal ramifications need to be looked at but if it can be done, the Premier League should throw them out of the English top tier immediately.


The Newcastle legend said on the BBC: “The Super League has chucked a grenade at the Premier League and chucked a grenade to everyone else.



“Well, chuck one back and ban them immediately if you can.


“I am sure they will look at every possible legal angle and what pressure they are under in doing that.


“But if you can, then do it.”


UEFA are expected to announce action against the rebel clubs later this week.