The football world was shaken to its core on Sunday with the announcement of the formation of a breakaway Super League that is made up of 12 European heavyweights from Italy, Spain and six clubs from the Premier League.


The proposed competition would see founding members in the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur having guaranteed participation every season regardless of their performances on the pitch and all the 12 clubs have come in for a severe backlash from the football fraternity.



Ex-Everton star Ball is of the view that Arsenal, who are currently struggling to finish in the top half of the Premier League, joining hands with the so-called elite clubs of European football is laughable and believes they would be smashed every week if they take part in the Super League.


Ball added that Arsenal and Manchester City have never even won the Champions League, and lauded German giants Bayern Munich for declining the invite to join the breakaway league, slamming it as a competition built on greed.



“What I don’t really understand is how some of these clubs have been chosen. Look at our top six”, Ball wrote in his Liverpool Echo column.


“Arsenal and Manchester City have never won the Champions League. What about Ajax who have won it four times?



“What about Bayern Munich? They’ve shown their class, turning down the invite. That shows they are a big club. It’s not just about wealth, it’s about community and your local fan-base.


“The Super League is all about greed.


“Arsenal are struggling to finish in the top-half of the Premier League and want to join? It’s laughable.


“They are going to get smashed every week.


“They think they’re a big club – there are bigger clubs not signing up to this!”


All 12 clubs that form the Super League have resigned from the European Club Association and their long-term futures in already established European and domestic leagues are in limbo at the moment.