Radrizzani is firmly opposed to the breakaway competition, which removes the need for its founder members to qualify, and to which six Premier League clubs have signed up.


The project now though is falling apart, with Chelsea and Manchester City both to withdraw, while Manchester United executive vice chairman Ed Woodward has resigned.



Juventus’ chairman could also exit his job and it is claimed the other clubs in the league are preparing to leave.


And Leeds supremo Radrizzani has delighted in the collapse, writing on Twitter: “The One Day league?”



The plans are claimed to have been pushed the hardest by the American owners of Manchester United and Liverpool.


Both clubs have yet to comment on whether they will be pulling out of the Super League.



Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola indicated on Tuesday his unhappiness with the league, dubbing it “not sport”.


It now appears they will not have to as the plans are collapsing rapidly.