Brands has signed a new three-year contract to continue in his role as Everton’s director of football at Goodison Park.


The Dutchman has been an instrumental man at the Merseyside club since he arrived in 2018 and played a major role in attracting Carlo Ancelotti to Everton in 2019.



Kenwright stressed that agreeing on a new deal with Brands was a no-brainer and it took little time to work out the agreement with the club’s director of football.


The Dutchman has a strong working relationship with Ancelotti and the rest of the Everton board and the club chairman insisted that it was important that the club maintained the structure they have built over the years.



Kenwright told the club’s official site: “There hasn’t really been any doubt for some time that Marcel and I would sit down and agree a new contract. With Farhad’s blessing it took us around about one play of Z Cars to reach an agreement.


“As well as being terrific at his job, Marcel has an excellent working relationship with Carlo and with our CEO, Denise, and myself and it was important to maintain the structure and stability we have put in place over recent years.



“Farhad and I both wish our leadership team success and happiness as we all work together to build an exciting future for our great club.”


Brands is also part of Everton’s board of directors and has a big voice at Goodison Park.