Arsenal crashed out of the Europa League semi-final last week and are set to miss out on European football for the first time in 25 years.


They will not be involved in the Champions League or the Europa League next season and that is likely to have a significant impact on their pulling and spending power in the summer transfer window.



Arteta admitted that Arsenal have a number of decisions to make and a lot to sort out this summer in terms of the futures of a significant number of players at the club.


He indicated towards a summer of upheaval when he admitted that there are going to significant changes at the Emirates before next season starts.



The Spaniard though conceded that a few plans will need to change due to the reality of their predicament at the moment.


“There is so many things to do because we already have a lot of players on loan”, Arteta said in a press conference.



“A lot of players with contracts still that we have to sort and it will depend what happens with a lot of those players.


“We have been sitting down the whole year, we have been in constant communication, and things will change.


“Some things will stick to the plan that we already have and some other things will come out.”


It remains to be seen whether Arsenal loosen the purse strings for Arteta in a summer where they are already financially stretched due to the problems over the last year.