Having previously failed to make an impact in England with Chelsea, Salah signed for Liverpool in the summer of 2017 from Roma.


It turned out to be an exceptional signing for the Reds as Salah has gone on to make 200 appearances and score 124 goals for the club so far and the forward played a vital part in Liverpool’s Champions League and Premier League winning campaigns.



Klopp has no concerns about declaring Salah one of his best signings, but clarified that he is a different type of player from another successful player he signed in Robert Lewandowski.


The Reds boss added that Salah has transformed into a goalscoring machine from a player who only scored occasionally and applauded the forward’s training regime.



“Top – absolutely top, but it is not about signing”, Klopp said in a press conference when asked about where Salah ranks in his best signings.


“You can sign a player but then we all are responsible, so the player [is] obviously as well and the coaches, to make it happen.



“Let me say it like this: two players, there’s Robert Lewandowski, who I signed for a different amount of money years ago – well, not years ago, but it feels like – who had an incredible development from a different level, but an incredible development.


“With Mo, from the guy who scores from time to time and is a really good football player to this goalscoring machine is a massive development.


“He is an outstanding signing, but for sure the way he developed, the way he treats himself, the game preparation, the training preparation, training attitude and all these kind of things, that’s exceptional.”


In his time at Liverpool, Salah has won the Premier League Golden Boot twice, in the 2017/18 and 2018/19 seasons and is on course to the win it for a third time, being level with Harry Kane for most number of goals scored in the current league campaign.