With nine losses at Goodison Park in the Premier League so far this season, Everton’s record at home is currently the sixth worst in the league, with only relegated clubs suffering more losses.


However, the Toffees have thrived in away games this season, with 37 points in the bag from 18 outings but have seen their dreams of qualifying for Europe starting to fade away owing to their woes at home.



The jury is out on why Everton have seen such a stark drop in their levels when playing at Goodison Park and boss Ancelotti has weighed in as he revealed he feels his team are able to get better results in away clashes because they are forced to concentrate and sacrifice more.


Ancelotti added that in the comfort of their home stadium, Everton’s stars might have dropped off as they are not forced to sacrifice.



Asked whether his team’s downturn in form is due to a lack of confidence, Ancelotti told a press conference: “It is difficult to say, it is difficult to explain how are we so good away and how we are so bad at home.


“[In] away [games], all the time we showed strong, strong spirit, strong, strong sacrifice, maybe this is the reason.



“Maybe the reason is the fact that when we are forced to sacrifice, we are forced to be focused, we are forced to concentrate, we did so well.


“When we were not focused and not forced to sacrifice, we had a lot of problems.


“With only the quality [in our squad], we were not able to win a lot of a games but with sacrifice [we got results].


“I think, I had a look yesterday, we planned 21 games to be strong defensively and use the counter-attack and to be strong in set-pieces.


“Of these 21 games, we won 14 with sacrifice and maybe the reason was we scored early, or maybe the second reason was when we played against stronger teams we planned to defend and counter attack.


“And in 15 games we tried to play a little bit more differently, build-up, put more players up front, put more players between the lines.


“Of these 15 games we won only two.”


The Toffees are set to lock horns with Wolverhampton Wanderers on Wednesday at home and Ancelotti will be hoping his team step up and return to the winning ways.