Kane is pushing to leave Tottenham and has made it clear in his own words that he wants to play Champions League football and compete for the biggest trophies in the game.


Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea are interested in taking him off Spurs’ hands, but he is only halfway through a six-year contract that he signed in 2018.



Carragher feels Kane could regret that strange decision and admits that he should have never committed to such a long contract at Tottenham if his ambition was to win the biggest prizes.


He wrote in his column for the Daily Telegraph: “Every top manager in Europe wants him in their side, but his options are limited to a couple of clubs who won’t be priced out.



“He is responsible for that because of his strange decision to sign a six-year contract after the last World Cup in 2018.


“He should never have committed for so long. A three or four-year extension then would have left him in a much healthier negotiating position now.


“Instead, Kane still has three years left on his deal. He may be stuck.”



Kane is hoping to have honest conversations with Daniel Levy over his future soon and is believed to be banking on a gentlemen’s agreement he had with the Spurs chairman last year.


However, Carragher is clear that a gentlemen’s agreement is laughable in football and stressed that it is even more pointless when one of the gentlemen is Levy, considered one of the shrewdest operators in the market.


“Whenever I hear a reference to a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ between a player and his club – the suggestion being Spurs will do the ‘honorable’ thing and let their best player go – there is a temptation to laugh out loud.


“If there is no legally binding obligation to sell, forget that being a factor in chairman Daniel Levy’s discussions.”