Watford went down from the Premier League at the end of the 2019/20 season, but have bounced straight back up by securing automatic promotion from the Championship.


The Udinese supremo insists that it is never easy to get back to the Premier League in just a single attempt and the fact that the Hornets managed to do it shows the quality they have in the team.



Pozzo also took time to congratulate his son, who owns the English team for supervising the return of Watford to the top table.


“Watford immediately returned to the Premier League and it was an important thing for us, it’s not easy to return to the Premier League in just the first attempt”, Pozzo told Italian broadcaster Sportitalia.



“Relegation was a surprise because the team was good and did not deserve it.


“Everything happened in the last few games and the boys were good to return to the top flight, it was not easy.”



Watford picked up 91 points from 46 games in the Championship this season and finished second with six points fewer than champions Norwich.


All eyes will now be on how the Hornets strengthen over the summer.