The Citizens still have the Champions League final left to play, but gave an emotional farewell to Aguero after their last Premier League game of the season at the Etihad Stadium on Sunday.


Aguero has a contract with Manchester City coming to an end this summer and is said to be close to putting pen to paper on a two-year deal with Barcelona.



Former Manchester City star Onuoha is of the view that Pep Guardiola was not shedding crocodile tears when speaking about Aguero on Sunday, but insisted that letting the striker go is a strange decision.


Bemused by Aguero’s departure, Onuoha went on to suggest that the future must be bright for Manchester City if they can afford to let the 32-year-old leave for free.



I think he would be [emotional]“, Onuoha said on ESPN FC.


I don’t think he [Guardiola] is fake as such, but you look at the bigger picture and it is a strange one because yes, Sergio is leaving but Sergio didn’t ask to leave.



Sergio has essentially been told that he has to leave, so you could maybe keep him, that would be nice.


But, I don’t know, I suppose the time has run its course and City are looking forward and looking to bring the next young player or the great striker or maybe the next Aguero.


So, I guess the future is bright for the club if they can let go of somebody that has got that type of history and legacy with the team because, to be honest, as I saw today in the stadium, everybody was there to celebrate him in the last ten years.


Aguero will be hoping to end his ten-year association with Manchester City by helping them win the Champions League this weekend.