Following a brilliant first season back in the Premier League where they finished ninth in the league table, Leeds are now planning ahead for the 2021/22 campaign.


Marcelo Bielsa’s contract has not been signed yet, but Leeds are hopeful that it will be done soon; he signed a new deal with the club a day before the start of the Premier League season last year.



Leeds have ambitious plans to bring in more quality this summer, but Orta conceded that it will be a trickier market and the planning needs to be precise.


He believes after finishing in the top half of the Premier League, in order to improve, Leeds’ transfer strategy has to be clear and insisted that he will try to get the recruitment done next month.



But Orta admitted that it is unlikely as the club are not always in charge of the complete process of signing players.


The Leeds director of football said on The Athletic’s Phil Hay Show podcast: “We have a very clear situation.


“You need to always be ready. It’s a difficult market.


“We obviously have ideas about planning that we are going to try to follow.



“Like we discussed last summer, we prefer quality over quantity.


“In the end, the quality can give us a value that we have that we are making right away.


“We are finishing ninth in the best competition in the world, the most difficult competition in the world.


“In order to improve that we need to be really, really clear on what we decide.”


“I still have a long month of June ahead.


“I hope that in June, we can try and finish the job.


“We can make the effort but as we’ve said before it’s not always in our control.”


Bielsa is unlikely to demand wholesale changes and will only look to strengthen specific areas of the squad.