The 23-year-old midfielder spent the second half of last season on loan at West Brom and has two years on his contract with Arsenal.


He is scheduled to report for pre-season with Arsenal next month but there are suggestions that the Gunners could sell him this summer.



However, a decision has not been made and Maitland-Niles is clear that he is eager to hear from the club soon.


He stressed that he wants a decision now as he does not want to wait and see whether Arsenal have a role for him in pre-season.



The 23-year-old stressed that he is open to leaving the club if that is their choice, but he wants clarity in communication from the club soon.


Maitland-Niles told the Daily Telegraph: “I want a decision. I want some clarity.



“And then hopefully I can get to work with whoever I need to get to work with.


“Whether that is finding a new club or whether that is carrying on with my training.


“I would like some kind of indication of what is happening.


“Where they [Arsenal] see me. If it works out it works out, if it doesn’t then kiss Arsenal goodbye.


“It’s been a long journey but a proud one at that.


“Maybe they still want to do something and things could change. If not, there’s always other teams.


“It would be easier to do it now than waiting for pre-season to kick in and everything is super busy.


“And they can’t answer their phones because they are doing too much work.


“You know how the football world works.”


He broke into the England squad last month but eventually lost his place and will miss out on this summer’s European Championship.