Joel Glazer recently attended a fan forum for the first time since his family took over as owners of Manchester United in 2005.


The Glazers have not been popular owners at Old Trafford due to the way they took over the club and saddled Manchester United with a massive amount of debt that requires servicing every year.



The relationship between them and the fans reached an all-time low following the club’s decision to join the breakaway Super League and that has led to introspection within the family.


Manchester United have promised that they will come up with a share scheme for the fans which will have equal voting rights as the Glazer family and there are signs that they want to spend big this summer, with Jadon Sancho expected to be a marquee signing.



Jordan feels that the Glazer family will spend money this summer in order to appease the fans.


He believes that they will use it to deflect from the fact that they are awful owners of Manchester United.



Jordan said on talkSPORT: “It is almost for me, buying players in this climate in these circumstances for the kind of dough from United’s point of view, is almost like a kind of financial virtue signal.


“We will do what you want, we are going to buy the best players and give Ole Gunnar Solskjaer the opportunity.


“This is a good day and opportunity for the Glazers to deflect away from the fact that they are the most awful, revolting and worst kind of owner that could ever be allowed to own a football club.


“If they start to pile in some money for transfers, this will give them a bit of deflection.”


Manchester United fans have also complained about the lack of investment in the facilities at Old Trafford and Casey Stoney recently resigned as the manager of the Women’s team, in part, due to the lack of facilities at training.