Ronaldo has scored four goals in three appearances since rejoining Manchester United towards the end of the last summer transfer window.


The veteran forward has become the tip of Manchester United’s attack and has shown consistency in front of the goal that has defined his game over the last 15 years.



But there have been murmurs that the need to feed Ronaldo will overpower Manchester United’s game and there is a threat of them turning into a side too centred on him.


But Thompson rubbished the debate and insisted if he remains fit, Ronaldo is going to be nothing but an asset for Manchester United given his ability to score goals consistently at the highest level.



He said on the Where’s Jeff podcast: “This big debate in the press, is Ronaldo good for Manchester United or is he going to upset the way the team actually [want to play]?


“And I am going, what? How?



“He is obviously going to improve this season if they keep him fit, which most of the times he is fit.


“I just think he is an asset full-stop.”


After getting a break in the EFL Cup game, Ronaldo is expected to return to the starting eleven when Manchester United host Aston Villa at Old Trafford on Saturday.