The 49ers have been building up their stake in Leeds and currently own 44 per cent of the Premier League side.


It emerged earlier this month that the 49ers have a deal in place to take complete control of Leeds by January 2024, which would be worth over £400m.



Current owner Andrea Radrizzani took control in 2017 for £45m and sold ten per cent of the club to the 49ers in 2018.


With the Americans building up their stake, if they were to take full control they would have more than £200m left to pay, given the money they have already invested.



There has been little news about their potential plans though and former Leeds striker Chapman feels the 49ers need to talk to the fans.


He wants the Americans to tell the Leeds supporters what they intend to do when they take full control.



“I think one thing the Leeds fans do need is a business plan from the San Francisco 49ers. What’s their plan?” Chapman said on BBC Radio Leeds.


“At the moment Leeds fans don’t know what their plan is. Are they going to rebuild the stadium? Are they going to invest a lot of money in the team? 


“So I think there needs to be a plan between now and the transition to the owners of the 49ers.”


Radrizzani could retain a small minority stake when the 49ers take full control, which they have until January 2024 to do.