The Gunners managed to get another win without Aubameyang when they beat fellow top-four contenders West Ham at home.


The striker has been stripped of his Arsenal captaincy and has been kept out of the squad for their last two games due to a disciplinary indiscretion last week.



Arteta refused to say anything when asked whether the forward will be involved when Arsenal visit Leeds on Saturday and Wright conceded that he understands why the manager wanted to focus on the win over West Ham.


However, he stressed that the Spaniard had a great chance to give an answer on Aubameyang either way as he cannot continue to avoid the question.



The Arsenal legend felt Arteta had the chance to kill the speculation through a straight answer on the forward and the club could have moved on.


The former striker said on Premier League TV after the win over West Ham: “He is just not entertaining anything to do with Aubameyang and I totally understand when he says that he just wants to concentrate on what happened today and doesn’t want to talk about it.



“But I don’t think you can continue to avoid it especially in the way it has come about. In some ways, you either have to cross it off or you are going to have to talk about it.


“Is he involved in the next game? Yes, if he is fit enough and he is going to have to break back into the team.


“I think he had the capability of killing it and say, ‘yeah, he is in the plans as he is an Arsenal player’ but he didn’t do it.


“I was hoping for something like that because you want now is everything is done, Arsenal won, they have played brilliantly and the boss has been vindicated through his decisions so just cross it off and then they can move on.


“It’s going to be talked about again, they are going to mention it for the next game and if he is not in the game, he can kill it.”


Aubameyang is believed to be pushing for a move away from Arsenal in January following a breakdown in his relationship with Arteta.