Following a humiliating 7-0 loss against Manchester City in midweek the Whites are looking for a response when they take on Arsenal at the weekend.


Ahead of the match, the veteran manager took the time to make some observations about the Gunners, who he feels are growing under Arteta.



According to the Argentine, Arsenal play in the same way most of the time but can change things up if and when it is required.


“Arsenal are an established team that is growing stronger”, Bielsa said in an interview with Sky Sports.



“They always play the same way but they are capable of changing things up if necessary.


“They do play in a defined style on the whole and there’s an individuality about them.”



After a period of turbulence at the Emirates, Bielsa feels that Arsenal are tilting towards a more established way of playing.


“In the past, they have experienced a period of turbulence and they are becoming more consistent.


“What’s happening now is that are moving towards a more established way of playing, one that is more stable, more traditional and closer to their natural image.”


After finding themselves at the bottom end of the Premier League pile at the end of August, Arsenal have done a commendable job to get into the top four at the end of 17 games.