Arsenal have won four of their last five Premier League games and are currently sitting in fourth in the standings.


They are emerging as one of the contenders to finish in the Champions League spots at the end of the season given the form they have shown over the last couple of weeks.



Xhaka is keen not to look too far ahead and stressed that the Gunners are just halfway through the season at the moment.


However, he insisted that finishing fourth should not be the limit of their ambition in the ongoing campaign and believes that they could go even higher as he expects more improvements.



The midfielder stressed that there is a real belief in the team that they can do something special this season.


Xhaka told The Athletic: “It is only halfway. We have to think game by game.



“We are in fourth but not so far from third or even second. I don’t stop at fourth place.


“We can improve and do better than we have recently.


“I believe we can do something special this year and the team believes it too.


“This is a very important month for us.”


Arsenal will face a real test when they take on defending champions and league leaders Manchester City next weekend.