Lukaku dropped a bombshell on Thursday evening when an interview aired in which he revealed that he is not happy in the system that he is being played in at Chelsea by Tuchel.


He also claimed that he would like to return to former club Inter while he is still at the peak of his powers as a forward.



Sinclair conceded that the forward’s comments have been nothing short of shocking and thinks he has been very disrespectful towards everyone associated with Chelsea, including the Blues supporters.


He does not understand the logic behind Lukaku’s decision to question Tuchel’s tactics when he could have had the same conversation with the Chelsea boss behind closed doors.



The former winger feels Chelsea should be worried about Lukaku’s open claims of wanting to return to Inter at his peak.


Sinclair said on talkSPORT: “I am shocked.



“I was at the Villa game last week when they did really well. He was superb with his performance, his goal, his run for the penalty and he looked happy, smiling and laughing.


“And all that has been undone by these comments.


“It’s disrespectful to Thomas Tuchel, it’s disrespectful to the man who laid out £97m for him, Roman Abramovich, it’s disrespectful to his teammates and it’s very disrespectful for the fans to listen to that comment.


“The fact that he is saying that he wants to go back to Inter Milan, not at the end of his career, while he is still at his pomp and that would send warning lights to me.


“And I just think it’s all very strange.


“Why would you question the manager in public and say that you don’t like the formation?


“Surely, you go to speak to him and he explains his reasons and you say, we agreed to disagree but I’d rather have go back to this formation.


“But to come out and publicly say the things that he said is I think an absolute joke.”


It remains to be seen what kind of reception Lukaku will get when Chelsea next play at Stamford Bridge against Liverpool on Sunday, but it has been suggested the interview was recorded three weeks ago.