The German’s first defeat as interim Manchester United boss at home against Wolves has brought the scanner back on the Red Devils.


There is talk of dressing room discontent about Rangnick, his staff and his training regime, with players believed to be unhappy about the atmosphere around the training ground.



Many believe the Manchester United stars are not enjoying the German’s more intense methods, but Jordan stressed that he should stick to his plan and do what is necessary to get the players back on track.


He stressed that footballers will always complain when they do not get what they want but insisted that Rangnick must be given time to win the battle of wills against his own players inside the dressing room.



Jordan said on talkSPORT: “Rangnick is going to have to break some eggs to make this omelette.


“And they don’t like it and they won’t like it and he needs to be given time.



“Players only like it when they get what they want and when someone’s going to come in and say, this isn’t working, this is a big football club and I am not mucking about and you are coming with me.


“I am going to make some mistakes, maybe I have got to find out at my own expense that we can’t do this and we can’t do that and that is what is going on there.


“And Rangnick has got to win that battle.”


Rangnick has been open about the problems of his team and bemoaned their lack of pressing and physicality in recent games.