The Spaniard initially joined Leeds to work with the Under-18s and the Under-23s, but Bielsa’s arrival saw him join the first-team coaching staff at Elland Road.


Corberan remained part of the staff at Leeds until he was allowed to leave for Huddersfield who offered him the manager’s role in the summer of 2020.



The Spaniard has earned praise for getting the Terriers into the promotion race but he says that getting the chance to work with Bielsa was the turning point of his career.


He is grateful towards the Argentine for allowing him to continue to work with the Leeds Under-23s, which helped him to hone his coaching skills.



Corberan stressed that Bielsa is a brilliant coach who not only is a leader but also knows how to work in a team.


“For me, this was the key moment in my career”, the Spaniard told The Athletic.



“To have the opportunity to work with someone with that level of reputation and that experience.


“My role meant I was able to keep my contact with the under-23s.


“It is important in a club to have someone with that relationship between both the first team and the academy.


“They make the step easier.


“We have Danny Schofield doing the same here at Huddersfield — a key assistant in the first team but the link with the academy.


“Unfortunately for Danny, he is having to work with me where I was lucky enough to work for Bielsa! An amazing coach.


“One meeting with Bielsa is an experience you cannot get anywhere else.


“He is someone who is the leader but also a team player. Always someone with ideas. You can recognise his team straight away.”


Corberan’s Huddersfield are sixth in the Championship table and are very much in the race to finish in the playoff spots.