Arteta has been an animated presence in the Arsenal dugout recently, as evidenced by the match against Chelsea at the weekend.


He repeatedly expressed his frustrations at fouls or cards not given, though in the end the game went his way as Arsenal won 1-0.



Keys thinks someone should communicate with Arteta, calling him the most irritating coach at this moment due to his touchline theatrics.


The veteran host has previously been clear that Arteta is repeatedly straying outside of his technical area without being told to get back in it and believes it is a safety issue.



“Someone please have a word with Mikel Arteta”, Keys wrote on his blog.


“Right now he’s the most irritating coach of the lot.



“Sit down man – and if you can’t do that – stay in your own technical area.


“I say this because someone is going to get hurt soon as a result of his antics.


“There are good reasons coaches are asked to stay in their technical areas – safety is one issue.”


Keys took aim at what he felt were Arsenal’s over extravagant celebrations earlier this season.


Arteta has seen his team remain top of the table since the first month of the campaign and he has won over many with his management of Arsenal, but it seems he still has his detractors.