A number of Premier League teams will be flying out to different locations during the World Cup, for warm weather camps, while some of their players remain busy in the global tournament in Qatar.


Trips to the Middle East have become more common for Premier League teams during the winter, but they have also attracted controversy due to the political questions they raise.



Chelsea have arranged a camp in Abu Dhabi this winter and Keys feels there is a sense of hypocrisy from some.


He asked how it is different from going to Dubai given the way the Middle East is intrinsically linked.



Keys took to Twitter and wrote: “So Chelsea have organised warm weather training in Abu Dhabi during the WC?


“I wonder who they think built the facilities and hotels there?



“The same people that built them in Dubai I guess?


“Honestly. There’s so much hypocrisy.”


Chelsea will take on Manchester City at the Etihad in the EFL Cup on Wednesday night before negotiating their last league game against Newcastle on Saturday before the break.