Lampard took charge of the relegation-threatened Everton from Rafael Benitez last season and guided them to Premier League safety.


The Everton manager developed a strong bond with the supporters during last season’s struggles, which gained him significant support even after the team’s slow start to the current campaign left them in 17th place heading into the World Cup break.



Lampard emphasised that a connection between the club and the Toffees faithful was broken and acknowledged that when he arrived, Everton were struggling both on and off the field.


The Everton boss stressed the importance of restoring the bridge between the club and the Evertonians for the Toffees to succeed.



And he admitted that he immersed himself in the job to reestablish that connection, emphasising that the Evetonians would have seen through him if he was faking it.


“When I first came to the club, it was a tough time on a footballing level, and probably a breakdown somewhere”, Lampard told Everton TV.



“Actually in many parts between fans and the club itself.


“Evertonians know more about that than me even.


“So when I came in, I knew that it was important to try and build that bridge again and then from there, it kind of grew.


“I think it needs to be those things, particularly in the Liverpool area.


“I think with Everton, they need to be authentic because, as far as I see it, Evertonians will see through you very quickly if you fake it.


“So I just threw myself into the job and threw myself into the club.”


Everton will resume their campaign after the World Cup break against Wolves on 26th December.