Dyche started his reign as Everton manager at the weekend with a marquee win over league leaders Arsenal at Goodison Park.


Everton are still in the bottom three but they have renewed hope of dragging themselves out of the quagmire under the leadership of their new manager in the coming weeks and months.



The performance against Arsenal was marked by the typical physicality that Dyche’s teams often showcase and Nevin believes that is a good thing.


The former Scotland star pointed out that Dyche needs physical players in his teams to succeed and feels Everton already have the kind of personnel that the 51-year-old needs.



He conceded that Everton’s move for Marcelo Bielsa was odd as they do not have the players to suit the Argentinian’s style but under Dyche, they now have a real chance of surviving.


Nevin said on Off the Ball: “The good thing for Everton is the physicality is there.



“What Sean Dyche needs and the clay he actually needs to mould that team is actually there.


“Although they went for Bielsa first, which I think was bizarre, lovely as that’s the Everton spirit, not the right players.


“Whereas Dyche, absolutely they have got a chance now.”


Dyche could add further sheen to his start as Everton boss if they get a result at Anfield against Liverpool on Monday night.