Gnonto tried to push his way out of Leeds in the summer, slapped in a transfer request and missed games in order to get a move.


The winger refused to play in several games last month before he apologised to Daniel Farke and got back into the scheme of things for the first team.




Newsome is still not sure that all is forgiven when it comes to the Italian and it will take a while more and some more performances before Gnonto earns the forgiveness of the fans.


However, he admitted that Farke dealt with the situation nicely and was right to give the player a second chance to prove himself following his apology.



The former Leeds star is also certain that Gnonto will learn from his mistakes and will look back at the incident with regret in the future.


Newsome said on BBC Radio Leeds: “What happened in the past has happened in the past.



“Is it forgivable? It takes a lot of time and a long way before he will be forgiven and it won’t be forgotten.


“The manager dealt with it really well and the kid is 19 years old, he had some terrible advice, he acted upon that advice and he saw the error of his ways and he has apologised.


“He gets a second chance but he won’t get a third chance and I think that’s the right way of going about it.


“He will live with it and learn, I am sure in a few years to come, he will look back and cringe at what he did.


“He has got to go out and got to put those performances in and I thought he was good today.”


Gnonto has been a starter since getting back into the team and did score a goal in Leeds’ 4-3 win over Ipswich last month.